In the second half of 2013, Master Truck s.r.o. obtained funds to implement employee training. This project is financed by the resources of the European Social Fund of the Czech Republic, the European Union and the state budget, specifically the Human Resources and Employment programme.

The project registration number is CZ.1.04/1.1.02/94.00419.

Goals of the project:

Due to the fact that our company is constantly working on improving the services offered in the field of vehicle maintenance and repair services with a focus on trucks, we have decided to provide our employees with training at authorised VOLVO, MERCEDES, BPW, WABCO and JALTEST (provider of diagnostic equipment) training centres. Thanks to this project and the resources obtained from the funds for employee training, this goal has become attainable within a much shorter period of time than we originally calculated. The subject areas of the training sessions were chosen to cover issues that currently can only be handled with confidence by the authorised service centres of the afore-mentioned brands. Our employees are already able to deal with other issues thanks to the training they have already completed and also largely thanks to their broad work experience. Thanks to the range of services we offer and our broad scope on the maintenance and repair service market covered, we firmly believe that after completing these training sessions, our company will rise above the level of authorised service centres, which often are not able to offer comprehensive services at a single location. If these training courses prove beneficial, we are prepared to continue with them and increase the capacity of our service centres so that we can satisfy all of our customers in the shortest period of time. This will, of course, lead to the necessity to establish new jobs positions.

In 2015, employee training in the following circuits took place: VOLVO, JALTEST and BPW, with equal opportunities for men and women. The successful completion of these training courses (financed by the "Master Truck Employee Professional Training" project) resulted in the increased competitiveness of Master Truck s.r.o. on the market, while also enhancing the expertise of the employees who participated in the training.